Honda is investigating a problem in the engine of the 2018 CR-V in the United States. The fault analyzed is in the 1.5 turbo engine, the same that equips the units of the sport utility sold in Brazil.


New generation of Honda CR-V starts to be sold in Brazil in April. In single version, Touring, average SUV has suggested price of $ 179,900. Engine is 1.5 turbo, with 190 hp of power. Among the highlights are the interior space, comfort, good performance in curves and the extensive list of equipment.

Reasons for Honda CR-V success

This car is a summary of several Honda models and brings together the best of many of them: the inner space looks like the City line, the versatility of Fit and the Civic engine. In the case of the 2016/2017 model, many changes occurred, such as:

Internal space


Comfort is the keyword of the model. With flat floor, three passengers can very easily travel in the back seat – there are 5 seats in total. Even with the front seats in any position, passengers have room for the knees with. All this advantage includes the trunk, with a total capacity of 589 liters – with folded seats, exceeds 1000 liters. The steering wheel also adjusts for height and depth so that the driver can easily drive it acura well made car cover.

Mechanical assembly

The car offers a unique mechanical set. The highlight goes to its impeccable suspension, able to filter out any irregularity of the floor. That means driving with great comfort and total safety! The engine is 2.0 with 50 hp of power and automatic gearbox of 5 gears. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h occurs in up to 13.5 seconds, and the maximum speed is 170 km / h. On the road, its consumption is 6km per liter of alcohol. In the city, it reaches 8km per liter. If the option is gasoline, they are 8km / l in the first case and 10km / l in the second.

Standard equipment

Lots of  well-equipped , the Honda CR-V features a three-point belt and head restraint for all passengers. It has stability and traction control, plus parking brake and a special function for your safety: brake hold, which lets the car stand up to when you release the brake, whether on the way up or down. The  electric handbrake of  the model is also standard as well as the dual zone digital air conditioning. The Honda CR-V also has a media center with integrated GPS and HDMI.

Design and technology

What was already beautiful, with delicate lines and rounded in the most classic tradition of the European coupes, gained even more daring. Now the 2016/2017 CR-V model is more sporty: the EXL version has a sunroof, a reverse camera, a fog head and a leather seat. The price of the model circulates between 115 thousand reais for the basic model, or 136 thousand, in the case of the EXL version, top of the line. The insurance is on average between $ 2,000 to 3,500, and Honda offers a 3-year warranty. To find out more about the experience of being aboard this car, be sure to schedule your  test drive  now! This new model “raises the bar” in terms of interior quality, sophistication and space – including, for the first time, the choice of 7 seats in the petrol AWD versions. Compared to products of other premium brands, the CR-V offers improvements in driving qualities, steering responses, body control and vibration and harshness (NVH) noise levels.

This new version of the CR-V has slightly wider exterior proportions, longer wheelbase and wider posture, all resulting in a significantly larger interior. With the best efficiency in terms of space in its class, the highlight in this point goes to the space enjoyed by all occupants, in addition to a wider and deeper luggage compartment with a wider cargo edge. The boot floor has a new two-position system that allows a flat surface to be loaded to carry larger objects; the rear opening door without hands offers a very convenient access to this space. The other features are smart and make everyday life easier: the height of the tailgate when opened can be programmed so as not to hit the lower ceilings, the cabin’s flexibility is enhanced by the center console with three stowage modes and the seats of the second row (with division at 60:40) can be folded in a single movement. This platform incorporates Honda’s unique design for next-generation bodywork called Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) technology, which draws on a network of structurally connected elements to distribute collision energies more evenly. Additionally, the Honda Sensing technology suite is full-range standard equipment, one of the most complete sets of active and passive safety systems that can be found in this class, including radar and driver assistance camera systems.

Outdoor design

The new Honda CR-V retains the familiar silhouette of the SUV, but features a sophisticated and sporty design evolution. The exterior of the new CR-V is cool, with wider wheel arches and sharper contours on the bonnet and rear quarters of the vehicle, in addition to the Honda front with its distinctive headlights. The key principles of the new CR-V’s design were to create a modern and dynamic SUV that was also highly practical. Honda sought to come up with a refined and sophisticated proposal with a clean, contemporary style without unnecessary lines.


The new Honda CR-V was developed through a combination of computational fluid dynamics, scale model wind tunnel testing and the first Honda “rolling” wind tunnel tests, where you can simulate the actual driving characteristics of full-scale models, with the vehicle tied to “walk” on top of a moving track that simulates the road underneath.


The dashboard and dashboard layout with a strong horizontal emphasis highlight the feeling of space in the passenger compartment. The sleek design conveys a sense of strength and solidity, while the wide range of highly tactile materials enhances the premium environment. An expansive soft touch panel and intricate seams span the entire width of the cabin, divided by a glossy black décor; the upper sections of the interior door panels offer soft protections for greater driver and passenger comfort. Honda has increased the space for the feet in the front, raising the lower parts of the dashboard. The door panels and the lower part of the dashboard with sophisticated finishes and soft wood effect give the cabin a touch of natural color. The ventilation grilles, steering wheel trim, interior door squeegees and air conditioning system control panel have a glossy metallic finish that adds a contemporary feel. As standard, the seats are premium quality in black plush fabric; as an option, are available in high quality black or ivory malleable leather in the top versions.

Full smartphone integration

The second generation of the Honda CR-V’s new CR-V software delivers seamless, full-featured smartphone integration with extended, intuitive operation via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Integration with Apple CarPlay means that Honda Connect brings iPhone functionality to the driving experience by bringing the interface through the built-in display of the CR-V. The driver can request directions, make calls, send or receive messages, and listen to music through the touchscreen or through Apple’s Siri voice commands.

Information Interface

In front of the steering wheel is a new instrument panel with a 7-inch color TFT-LCD central display for the Driver Information Interface (DII), flanked by coolant temperature and fuel. This new interface includes a large digital speedometer and a linear counting system, also large. Integrated into the lower half of the interface is a “content zone,” which the driver can navigate through and select a variety of infotainment content, including navigation instructions, SMS text and email (including voice activated responses), information audio track, smartphone contacts, full-drive system status and intelligent vehicle maintenance system information.


The new CR-V is equipped with Honda’s 1.5-liter VTEC TURBO petrol engine, first introduced in the latest Honda Civic, which has been adapted to include a turbocharger designed exclusively for the CR-V. This engine offers a remarkable combination of power and efficiency and has several technologies that allow it to offer the best performance and performance characteristics. The power of the VTEC TURBO engine is 173 hp (127 kW) at 5,600 rpm when equipped with the six-speed manual gearbox (6MT) and 193 hp (142 kW), also at 5,600 rpm, with CVT box. The maximum torque is 220 N · m between 1,900 and 5,000 rpm with 6MT and 243 N · m between 2,000 and 5,000 rpm for the CVT.

Automatic CVT optimized transmission

The CVT automatic box is available as an option and is a new design component, designed for integration into Honda’s latest VTEC TURBO engine line. This unit features a dual turbine damper in the torque converter that improves refinement and driving characteristics and helps soften the initial accelerations.

More sophisticated chassis

The chassis of the new CR-V is based on the latest chassis developments introduced by Honda and is the most sophisticated ever on a CR-V and ensures an engaging driving experience and exemplary comfort. The rigid but lightweight construction of the chassis gravitates around a low center of gravity with sophisticated suspensions, both front and rear and new control technologies as well as a new variable steering system. The latest all-wheel-drive technology – Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System ™ – together with the highest ground clearance – give the CR-V true all-wheel-drive capabilities -ground.

New bodywork

Superior materials and sophisticated engineering processes are two of the things that underpin the design of this new CR-V platform and helped create a lighter chassis than the previous generation CR-V, with a 25 % increase  in twist. The rigidity of the unified body contributes significantly to the NVH’s impressive NVH features.

Optimized technologies

The off-road capability of the new CR-V was improved from the design stage of the base platform, providing greater distance to the ground compared to its predecessor, but without raising the center of gravity.

The other safety technologies of the new CR-V include:

Dead Angle Information: uses radar technology to automatically detect vehicles at the driver’s blind spot and alert you by a warning symbol on the door mirror. Cross Side Traffic Monitor: uses the rear side radar sensors to alert the driver to the approach of other vehicles during reverse maneuvering. Multi-angle rear camera: offers the driver several options for full visibility and therefore greater safety during reverse maneuvering; the available options are: normal viewing of 130 degrees, wide viewing of 180 degrees and top view of the car.

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